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Visible Radiance Series

It's clinically proven to combat premature ageing and skin dullness. 1. Deep Cleansing Peach leaf, raspberry and apple fruit extract (Rayolys) Tested & proven: Skin texture becomes smoother and skin appears brighter with fewer brown spots (Clinical study conducted by Laboratoire Skin Research, France 2002) 2. Deep Moisturising with Unique Nano-Encapsulation Technology Prepares skin for better protection against early ageing as particle sizes are 1000 times smaller than 1 micron. It also helps to stabilise active ingredients and progressively allow nutrients to permeate deep into skin layers for the best efficiency.   3. Super Anti-Oxidant & Anti-InflammatoryVitis Vinifera (Viniferol) Contains anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties to promote skin radiance and prevent premature ageing. It contains effective antioxidants that may:- i. Lessen oxidantion ii. Inactivate free radicals iii. Restore some normal functions of tissues damaged by free radicals Tested & Proven: Vitis Vinifera (Viniferol) has been proven to reduce the inflammation of facial skin by about 70% compared to vitamin E (20%).(Clinical study conducted by Laboratoire Skin Research, France 2002)Reduced inflammation strengthens capillaries and increases resistance to combat toxins and grease accumulation. Visible Radiance in combination with Elken Mega Beauty / Elken Beauty Guasa further enhances and provide:
  • exceptional deep cleansing
  • moisture-retention and nutrient absorption by 4 times
  • blood circulation enhancement

Dull Skin, WHY?

Dull skin is caused by poor skin rejuvenation which is a vicious cycle of dead skin unable to shed quickly and low turnover rate of new skin cells. This condition is closely related to poor nutrient absorption. 1. Improper cleansing clogs the pores and prevents absorption of moisture & nutrients into skin. 2. Improper moisturising with products with large molecules of nutrients also leads to poor nutrient absorption. Smaller molecules of nutrients in moisturisers are vital for deep nourishment. 3. Environmental stress and ageing can cause dullness and lack of lustre-common signs offree-radical effects and premature ageing. Hence, anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties in skin care products are essential. 4. Poor blood circulation may decrease nourishment and moisture delivered to skin cells. Facial massage is important in enhancing blood circulation.


Soybean Extract

84% Softer & Moisturised Skin As skin's dryness increase, softness will decrease due to loss of moiture through evaporation from the skin cells. To care for dry skin, the secret lies in careful management of its moisture content. The moisture level of millions of skin cells is affected by Natural Moisturising Factors. NMFs are water-attracting compounds located primarily in the epidermis. Loss of skin's moisture is due to environmental factors, improper cleansing, poor cell renewal and high alcohol content in the clarifying lotions / toners. 

Testimonial from Jess Teong - Ageless Beauty

I have always believed that good skin is a god-given gift to all and is a woman's second priority in life. Thus, from young, I have always taken good care of my skin because I firmly believe that "a woman with good skin is the most beautiful woman!" Therefore, choosing a complete and appropriate skin care products, which is perfect for my skin is my life's greatest pursuit!I was once a singer, and being constantly on stage and in the limelight, I had to wear thick make-up and retouching of more make-up. I also had extremely tight schedules and long working hours. Later, like other women, I got married and gave birth. As the consequence of my lifestyle, wrinkles, freckles and dark patches started to appear on my skin. Thus, it is dehydrate, loss of radiance and elasticity. The ravage of time took its toll on my complexion. But the timely arrival of Ultimate Perfect, Dr-Xeniji and Elken's new range of skin care products helped to ease my facial problems. Now, in my forties with two sons aged 8 and 5, I still receive praises and appreciative glances. Most people remark that I look even more beautiful than before. When in public, besides envious stares, I am often mistaken for a lady in my 20s. I am just too pleased, really! In the nineties, the song that made me famous was "Can a woman be beautiful until 50?" Having sung the song for 15 years, I have finally found the elusive answer and secret. I am now a living proof that a woman can be beautiful not only up to 50, but also 60, 70 and even 80 years old. Thank you Elken for enabling me to regain my beauty and confidence! My message to all women: with Elken, looking youthful is now not a problem!

El Marino

A Unique Formulation Combining:• Award winning Pomegranate Active VIQUA via Patented ADS Nano Delivery System.
• Special Blend of Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen + Elastin Peptides Collactive.

Targeted Actions• Inhabit collagenase and elastase activity that break down skin collagen & elastin.
• Accelerate production of collagen & elastin.
• Replenish lost collagen & elastin.
Collagen and Skin AgingCollagen and elastin are proteins that form the strucure of the skin's deeper layers, providing skin with appropriate firmness, elasticity and moisture. Up to 70% of our skin tissue is made up of collagen.

Intrinsic ageing - As we age, collagen degradation picks up speed. Starting from the age 25, our skin collagen content starts to diminish at the rate of 1.5% per year. At the age of 40, our skin's natural collagen synthesis slows down by at least 30% than when we were 20 years old. Gradually, collagen production is slower than depletion, causing the skin to become dull, dry and lose its firmness.

Extrinsic ageing - On top of that, UV light, environmental pollution, stress, unhealthy diet and smoking increase the production of free radicals in cells which triger production & activity of enzymes that break down skin structure.

The signs of skin ageing caused by collagen deficiency:
• Dry skin
• Dark circles & eye bags
• Dull & uneven skin tone
• Loss of skin elasticity (sagging)
• Fine lines or wrinkles

So how do you prevent skin ageing and restore long lost youthfulness?Besides Good Skin Care, we need effective Internal Skin Supplement (nutricosmetics) to not only help replenish lost collagen in our skin, but most importantly to inhibit activity of enzymes that break down collagen and elastin structure in the skin andboost synthesis of collagen faster than its degradation.

Elken El Marino Collagen and Anti-Aging Drink (English Ver)

Just 123 steps to shape your body up 原来朔身可以这么简单?

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